Du PvP pour E.Y.E : Divine Cybermancy

Une news rapide pour vous prévenir de l’arrivée d’un gros DLC entièrement gratuit pour E.Y.E. Les développeurs de chez Streumon Studio proposent en effet un mode PvP nommé E.Y.E : Blood Games en plus de quatre nouvelles cartes et un joli lot d’ajouts solo et multijoueurs tels que de nouveaux modes de jeux (nommés Battle Royal et Team Artifact) et des corrections/améliorations des contrôles et du gameplay.
Vous trouverez le « changelog », la liste des changements et ajouts, dans la suite de cette news.

Ajouts : 
· Added: 2 new multiplayers game modes: Battle Royal and Team Artifact with 6 new maps.
· Added: 4 new custom secondary and coop missions maps: cm_cu_street, cm_cu_sewer, cm_cu_marsarena and cm_cu_arcturus.
· Added: Leaderboards and stats for Battle Royal and Team Artifact.
· Added: Effects on the X2 aiming magnifiers.
· Added: Option to hide the crosshair.
· Added: Possibility to answer with the keyboard during dialogues.
· Added: Legs damages could slow the player up to 50% of its initial speed.
· Added: Maintenance consumes Stamina.
· Added: Icons showing which weapon has been used by a player to kill another one.
· Added: Avatars saves are stored in « my documents » folder. Old saves are moved there.
Modifications :
· Updated: FPS optimization while shooting.
· Updated: Improvement of the hacking AI.
· Updated: Players animations reworked.
· Updated: Textures of the aiming interfaces reworked.
· Updated: Adjustment of some textures.
· Updated: Balancing of the lean system.
· Updated: Modification of the players’ ragdolls parameters.
· Updated: Icons displayed in the armory reworked.
· Updated: Using a Psi power deactivates the Cloak and uses more Stamina.
· Updated: Balancing of the amount of XP won with some Psi powers.
· Updated: Improvement of the parry system with melee weapons: a player parried couldn’t attack for a brief delay.
· Updated: Improvement of the melee weapon collision system.
· Updated: Particles visual effects removed when charging for a power attack.
· Updated: Maximum speed for the sprint increased up to twice.
· Updated: More important decrease of the Stamina while parrying.
· Updated: Backstab always kills in one shot.
· Updated: Probability to get the Detective achievement increased.
· Updated: Repositioning and visual improvement of the interface displayed at the player’s dead.
· Updated: Deus Ex can’t be killed anymore by Dragon Breath or Invocation powers.
Corrections de bugs :
· Fixed: Potential crash while hacking.
· Fixed: Dedicated server didn’t run the map chosen during the setup.
· Fixed: Incorrect physbox on a case model.
· Fixed: Illumination position on a gargoyle statue model.
· Fixed: Blood spraying removed in case of a successful parry.
· Fixed: Incorrect tiling of some textures.
· Fixed: Issue with physical objects if taken by a player while another already holds it.
· Fixed: Sound script error for the Carnophage.
· Fixed: Error messages due to some particles.
· Fixed: Backstab message was displayed if Dragon Breath is used in the back of the target.
· Fixed: Changing firemode when equipped with melee weapons could prevent from attacking.
· Fixed: Issue on the first person view when a player was joining a game since another one was using the armory.
· Fixed: Availability to abusively use some actions through the keyboard shortcuts.
· Fixed: Players could be stuck in armory.
· Fixed: Availability to use some actions while the avatar creation interface was displayed.
· Fixed: Backstab message was displayed when attacking an allied even with friendly fire turned to 0.
· Fixed: Deletion on unused files.
· Fixed: Sound of the sentry could be looped in some circumstances.
· Fixed: Player could be equipped with more weapons than it should.
· Fixed: The chat windows could stay displayed after a change level.
· Fixed: The Kraak attacks always pushed the player in the same direction.
· Fixed: « my legs are ok » message wasn’t displayed if healed with medkit.
· Fixed: Some kind of ammunitions weren’t dropped by NPCs.
· Fixed: « Toggle HUD » action was preventing from switching weapon.
· Fixed: Flashlight couldn’t be switched off while the player was cloaked.
· Fixed: Animation bug while jumping with a grenade.
· Fixed: Various typos in texts.
· Fixed: During a connection, the message « you are on Team spectator » could be displayed.
· Fixed: Throwing an object while running could cause the weapon to fire.
· Fixed: Availability to attack when sprinting during maintenance.
· Fixed: Bug related to the push on a ladder.
· Fixed: The hack interface displayed « me » instead of the player’s name actually hacked.

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